Business is like boxing

One Friday night I watched a fight between two former Australian boxing champions,
Danny Green and Anthony Mundine.
As a passionate advocate of effective training strategies and a business mentor
I couldn’t help relating the event to running a business.

Here are my top 3 ‘fight night’ takeaways.

1. Staying in the ring requires preparation and training.
Both boxers had specialist help to develop new techniques so they could stay in the fight and take advantage of their opponent.
Danny added water training to build stamina and compensate for weaknesses.
Anthony sparred with bigger bodied contenders to build his strength.
Preparation started more than a year ago, as the fight got closer they dedicated more time to intensive training camps.
Your competitors could land a king hit at any time, what are you doing now that will keep your reflexes sharp in three months time?

2. Competitors want to knock you out.
There will always be competitors trying to knock you out of the picture so don’t be blindsided because you aren’t ready for the next blow.
A strong adversary keeps you fit. At times you might just have to use your elbows to stay in the ring.
If you’ve been in the industry a long time it doesn’t mean your rivals wont surprise you with what feels like an underhanded blow when the opportunity arises. Having the resilience to ‘take it on the chin’ and continue for the next 10 rounds is what good training and trusted advisors prepare you for.

3. Give your nearest and dearest ringside seats.
Let your support team know what the immediate goals for the business are, it will make it easier for them to cheer for you.
Regardless of who won or lost this fight it was clearly a family affair;
Mundine’s entourage made a powerful cultural statement and Green’s brother lead him into the ring.
Include your loved ones in the preparation and celebration, after all it’s them we are working this hard for isn’t it?

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